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Arkansas Renewable FuelsArkansas Renewable Fuels

Arkansas Renewable Fuels builds and manages advanced renewable fuel production refineries.

What We Do

Arkansas Renewable Fuels, LLC (“ARF”) an Arizona limited liability company is pleased to present an investment opportunity in renewable transportation fuels.  These advanced, renewable, diesel fuels represent the future direction for the U.S. and the world.  The federal government and an increasing number of states are mandating the use of these fuels as a blending stock or drop‐in fuel replacement with the objective of reducing carbon pollution and increasing energy independence.  Government regulations support the development of this new industry segment by motivating fuel refineries, blenders and end‐users to purchase these fuels with both financial incentives and the imposition of significant penalties for non‐compliance.

ARF will develop a thermochemical processing plant which will utilize cellulosic waste for the production of liquid transportation fuels.  ARF has assembled a professional team with unparalleled expertise in the field.  That team is implementing a technology set that has been proven, supported, and deployed by licensors in the area of gasification and petrochemical processing that can demonstrate the technology's long-term dependability and capabilities.

At the heart of ARF's first production facility in Arkansas will be a proven and certified, state-of-the-art, commercial scale, near zero emission carbon based “green wood waste” biomass gasifier.  The technology also has a highly efficient back-end patented, gas-to-liquid (“GTL”) conversion system that generates a zero sulfur, drop-in premium ASTM D975 diesel fuel at a production cost that is below petroleum diesel and biodiesel fuels.  Presently in 2018, cellulosic and advanced biofuels production in the U.S. has been well below the EPA’s RFS2 statutory annual mandates.

ARF will efficiently convert cellulosic biomass from forestry maintenance products into premium #2 renewable diesel fuel. The refinery’s use of certified and commercially proven technologies, coupled with using cellulosic feed stock diverted from landfills, solves several major environmental problems – overflowing landfills; environmentally damaging disposal and reduction techniques; and the elimination of harmful emissions and inefficient synthetic fuel production techniques.

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